Parent Advice After Teenage Therapeutic Care

For most parents, it is a natural experience to be filled with emotions when your child returns home after a year of attending a therapeutic boarding school.  There may be emotions of fear, joy, hope, and the list can go on and on…

At a recent Shepherds Hill Academy parent conference, we had an alumni family share that they were fearful when their child came home, yet hopeful.  One of their biggest challenges was to learn to trust God with their daughter, and to be aware that the enemy is out to destroy the family.

We can look back now and say “The experience was surreal.”

–Trusting Alumni Parents


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1 Benefit of Shepherds Hill Academy

Parents see the benefit of having their child enrolled at Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA).

One benefit that is becoming a common benefit for more and more families is our unplugged environment at SHA.

Teens do not have access to social media, the mainstream media, or the devices that entrap them. This has proven to help teens overcome the many challenges they face with digital addiction, relationship issues, and negative behaviors.

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The Third Program for Our Daughter and SHA is a Charm

Our daughter had been to two other programs before coming to Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA).  She ran away from the other two programs, and SHA is the only place where she has not tried to run away.  I think it is because it is the only place where the staff truly love her.  Our daughter is thriving in this place!  God is surely working here at Shepherds Hill Academy and it is a miracle!

-Amazed & Pleased Parent

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Praise for the Efficient Admission Services of Shepherds Hill Academy

Parents find comfort in working with our loving Admissions Team. See what this parent said about their enrollment experience.

We are the one’s blessed to find Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) and for their wise decision to hire you as our admissions coordinator. You have been a lifeline of hope for me during the darkest of days. I woke up this morning knowing my daughter was safe in the arms of a loving program and in the hands of our Lord.

-Content Parent

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1 Benefit of Year Long Therapeutic Care at Shepherds Hill Academy

The team at Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) has been serving families since 2001. One benefit we see in the lives being transformed at SHA is the family’s restoration of communication. Parents with a once struggling teen are able to have mature respectful conversations.

This particular benefit takes time to nurture. Shepherds Hill Academy’s long term therapeutic approach effectively brings healing to families. Family restoration in communication is something that may not be as effectively addressed in a short term program. This parent explains:

“We’re now able to convey respect and love for each other in a much better, healthier fashion. We do attribute a lot of that, not just to the changes our son has gone through while being at Shepherds Hill, but also for us as a family. We have to change and have time to work on ourselves, just as we are expecting the same thing from our son. It has given us that time which may not necessarily been the case if it was a quick fix program.”
– AH from Florida

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Shepherds Hill Academy Puts Lost Children Back On the Right Track

God uses Shepherds Hill Academy to make lasting changes in our students. Here is a quote from one parent about the impact that Shepherds Hill Academy has had on just one student:

“With God’s help and guidance, I know he will ‘make it’ in life. Seventeen months ago, maintaining hope for him was very difficult… Shepherds Hill Academy provided hope to a lost child and showed him the way. The right way. The godly way. I could go on and on and on about the impact you have made on my son’s life, and also on our family.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you are doing for Christ, for children, and for families.”


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The Results of Being at SHA for Two Months

Many parents begin to see changes within the first two months of their child’s stay at Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA).

Listen to this parent’s experience two months into their family’s journey through SHA.

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