Shepherd’s Hill Academy

SHEPHERD’S HILL ACADEMY is a Christ- centered, wilderness-style, residential therapeutic program for boys and girls ages 12-17. We’re located in Martin, Georgia (approximately 90 miles Northeast of Atlanta).  Our phone number is 706-779-5766.

We’re designed to equip troubled youth with the skills they need to become more confident, productive and respectful at home, school, and in the community. We provide a fully accredited junior and senior high school education and a high staff-to-student ratio.

At Shepherd’s Hill Academy, we are proud of our excellent staff and our 86-acre campus. We are Christian in our beliefs. Our unique combination of a wilderness program, certified equine program and first-class school are designed to bring focus back into a child’s life. We offer accountability groups and regular counseling, along with a first-class accredited education and a high school diploma for those who graduate with us.

Teens intentionally go through a rustic outdoor experience when they first come to our program, providing a back to basics mindset and the teamwork required to lead to trusting others. We give a struggling teen the best chance for enhancing their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and moral character. We do more than teach troubled teens what to think; we help transform them into productive citizens who know how to think.

Our desire is that God is glorified in all that we do and that includes how we instruct our students — living out the gospel for them to see and experience. We also desire to equip and resource the whole family, not just the student.

Shepherd’s Hill Academy is Founded by Trace Embry, and his wife, Beth Embry.


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