411 Days and Countless Second Chances at SHA

Words of Blessings and Wisdom from Recent Shepherds Hill Grad

I believe it is important to give people second chances.  Not just one. If they fail you, decide to not give up on them.  Realize no one is perfect and give them more than one chance to make up for their mistakes.

In giving and receiving second chances, you can have hope.  At least I did.  That’s what God did for us right?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’m worthy enough to be forgiven for any, much less all of my sins.

Through my time at Shepherds Hill, I’ve come to the realization of the pain Jesus went through for us.  I’ve been able to build a relationship with Him and really feel forgiven. Every staff here has poured into me the love of Christ and helped me become the Christian I am today.  The staff told me on my first day that they don’t give up on any of the students here, so it’s pointless for me to try to make them.

Now after 411 days, I can honestly say I’ve never felt given up on and I don’t think any of the other students here have ever felt that way either.  They have given me multiple chances so that I am able to leave here today a different and better person than I was before.  Not only have I realized the second chances I’ve gotten from God and staff, but also from my family.

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