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Does Your Teen Need Help?

Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA), a Christ-Centered, wilderness-style, therapeutic boarding school. The environment at Shepherds Hill Academy is intentionally designed to provide a rich, discipleship-focused atmosphere that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual health and healing to troubled teenager and their families. We … Continue reading

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Student Never Knew What an Opportunity Shepherds Hill Academy Would Be

When I arrived at Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA), I first looked at it as a punishment from my parents.  Now, I cherish it as an opportunity.  I now have a relationship with Jesus Christ and feel completely forgiven for my … Continue reading

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Parent Shares Success Story at Shepherds Hill Academy Family Conference

The Shepherds Hill Academy Family Conference provides parents with the tools they need to strengthen their family and prepare for their child’s return home. “The campfire, ERT demonstration and blindfold “trust” exercise were great bonding experiences. My daughter and her … Continue reading

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A Parent’s Testimony to Their Child’s Transition to College from Shepherds Hill Academy

Eighty percent of students who graduate high school from Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) continue their education by attending some type of college. Listen to this parent’s excitement after their child’s transition from SHA to college. “We just returned from a two-day … Continue reading

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