1 Benefit of Year Long Therapeutic Care at Shepherds Hill Academy

The team at Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) has been serving families since 2001. One benefit we see in the lives being transformed at SHA is the family’s restoration of communication. Parents with a once struggling teen are able to have mature respectful conversations.

This particular benefit takes time to nurture. Shepherds Hill Academy’s long term therapeutic approach effectively brings healing to families. Family restoration in communication is something that may not be as effectively addressed in a short term program. This parent explains:

“We’re now able to convey respect and love for each other in a much better, healthier fashion. We do attribute a lot of that, not just to the changes our son has gone through while being at Shepherds Hill, but also for us as a family. We have to change and have time to work on ourselves, just as we are expecting the same thing from our son. It has given us that time which may not necessarily been the case if it was a quick fix program.”
– AH from Florida

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