Shepherds Hill Academy Provides a Clean Slate for Troubled Teens

Graduation is a time that provides our students with an opportunity to see all that they have accomplished. Read what this student has to say:

“Throughout my year at Shepherds Hill Academy I found the difference between who I am now and who I was. I found that I am a daughter of God and I am loved by Him. I was lost in who I was so I turned to parties, drugs, and friends to ease that, but here I didn’t need those things to be loved.

It was amazing for one of the first things I hear when arriving at SHA was; “You will never be lied to and that I love your guts.” Thank you Mr. Trace Embry for proving me wrong, that you can love someone even when you dont know them. Thank you both Mr. Trace and Mrs. Beth for providing a clean slate and a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a better person.”

-Recent Graduating Student

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