Graduates Speak Wisdom to Students at Shepherds Hill Academy

Time and again our graduates pay it forward by speaking the wisdom they learned at Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) to the students currently enrolled.

Sometimes, graduates will speak in our chapel, swing by and pay a visit, or send letters of encouragement.

Recently, our currently enrolled girls received an amazing encouragement from a recent graduate.

“Satan is the master deceiver and how he will wrap himself around your brain until his thoughts become your own and shake your identity. Satan robbed the world blind when he tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden. The part that really got to me (especially for you girls) was the part about the essence of our identity. So our identity is determined by birth. Confused? Let me explain…

“When you are born again, God deposits in us a new nature that wasn’t there before, but is now the core of who we are. So if you have decided to trust Jesus Christ for eternal life, this very life of God is now at the the center of our being. This new life can also be know as an “imperishable seed.” This seed contains what you need to be set free and this is why you are BRAND-NEW if you are in Christ. You are not the same person you were even though you might be doing some of the same things. Still confused as to why? It’s BECAUSE your identity is in your birth, and if you are doing the same things as before it is because the seed has not been allowed to expand in order to dominate your soul. There’s my truth. SHA is a place that pushes away all the weeds so your seed can plant firmly and expand. SHA is weed killer. Just let it happen.”

In Christ’s love,
Recent SHA Graduate

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