PRAISE to Beth & Trace Embry & All Shepherd’s Hill Academy Staff

PRAISE to Beth & Trace Embry & All of the Shepherd’s Hill Academy Staff
Our son left Shepherd’s Hill Academy forever changed – you two know the void and profound sadness he arrived with. My wife and I have watched Christ use your staff to develop in him respect, ambition, and community. Most importantly we’ve witnessed him experience joy and purpose that God has deliberate intention and a future for him. Throughout his change, Christ has created intimacy within our family and has shown devotion to see us through what once seemed hopeless.

I wouldn’t wish for anyone to have to surrender their son or daughter away, especially with how much we love this kid, but seeing our son with renewed zeal and passion and faith in where he’s going, is worth it all. We realize that God is still developing these transformations in our son, and that we need to rest on Him one day at a time, but we also have 100% confidence in His promise in total restoration. Its little surprise to me that SHA turns the lives of troubled teens from despair beyond most facilities – with God centered love and accountability. Thank you! We CANNOT express what you people mean to us. We have our son again!

Alumni Parent from Virginia

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