From Lost Troubled Teen to Found and College Bound

Hi Mr. Schyck! (Principal of Shepherd’s Hill Academy)

I am doing great!  I don’t know if I told you already, but I got my AP credits!  So far, I think I have 15 credits applied to my transcript, so that made me really excited.  Classes are time consuming.  I wouldn’t necessarily call them hard yet.  There is just a lot of reading right now, which is an adjustment for me since I am a slow reader.  I love all of my classes right now though.  I am taking Biology, Chemistry, Philosophy, Communication, and Galileo and the Church (a Freshman Seminar writing class).  It is a total of 17 credits.  I live in the library during the week.

I am glad to hear everything is going well!  Do you have a lot of people applying to colleges?  Messiah is good :).  They should come here!

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