Soon to be a United States Marine

Letter written on United States Marine Corps Letterhead

Warmest Greetings,

I attended Shepherd’s Hill Academy from August 2009 to August 2010. I am currently on Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island, South Carolina.

I came to SHA a very lost, defiant, and confused young man. I had gotten in a lot of trouble, and my life was no doubt headed down the drain. I was destined to spend my life as an oil rigger (in best case scenario) or worse. I was without drive, without motivation, lifeless, and without God.

Shepherd’s Hill and its blessed staff helped lead me to the Lord. My life began to seem to have a purpose – so I listened to His voice and followed. I sit here now amongst chaos – but my soul is calm and my hands steady.

Because of God’s loving mercy and Shepherd’s Hill rehabilitating atmosphere – I am now a month from becoming a United States Marine. My life has meaning, and I am soon to be a Christian Warrior – a defender of the nation in which we are able to live free. Thank you for everything.

With Love,
SHA Alumni, USMC

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