Best Year of My Life

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Trace Embry,

Hello, I hope that this letter finds you well.  It’s been roughly three months since I left.  I am truly sorry for any misfortune I’m sure I caused.  More importantly though, I must thank you!  My whole life has been changed by the love you poured into me.  A day doesn’t pass that my thoughts don’t take me back to (SHA).  Each memory fills me with peace, with confidence, and hope for a better future.  Mr. Trace, you said to me on the day we met that it would either be the best year or the worst year of my life.  I thank you, with every fiber of my being, I thank you for the best year of my life.  I have much to learn, to accept and to overcome.  Now I know if I use the tools and the mentality you both instilled in me, that I can conquer what life will hurl at me.  Mrs. Beth; motherly love was a foreign concept, and had you not came into my life I doubt I ever would have.  So, once more, thank you both for your teachings, your prayers, and most of all your love.

Filled with peace, confidence and hope.
Former Student

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