Hello Trace & Beth Embry,

Just a little note to update you about our grandson. The last five years have been a challenge, but with God we have overcome. Our grandson has already completed all his required courses to graduate high school, and has begun a full-time job. He is planning to join the military and is looking favorably at the Army. Even though he’s had his share of troubles, he’s come out the top side and is doing really well.

His relationship with his Dad has greatly improved, and they are very good friends now. He also has a very good relationship with his other two siblings. Old scars have healed and they are again a family. He even attends church with us every couple of weeks. He has become a man now, loves the outdoors, and has become an avid duck hunter. He has some really good friends who are Christian young men. We are very proud of him and his maturity. He’s bought a truck (financed in his name) and is making payments and accepting adult responsibilities.

He also has a very good Christian counselor whom he considers his friend. Just as we found Shepherd’s Hill Academy on an internet search, we found this Christian counselor (of course, I know it was God led). When we totally rely on God, He will take care of us in every way.

Thank you for being there when we needed your help. I wholly believe in your ministry and just wish our financial condition was such that we could help with some of your projects. But where we lack in finances, we can support in prayer. Keep doing the good job you are doing. We need our youth to learn it’s not all about them and what they can get. It’s all about God, and I praise Him for what He’s done and is doing for us.

Beloved Grandmother

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