Shepherds Hill Academy Reviews

Shepherds Hill Academy Christian Boarding School Reviews

“Thanks to Shepherd’s Hill Academy my son has an opportunity to be a productive citizen.”
JF – Georgia

“Prior to coming to Shepherd’s Hill Academy my son was given at least five diagnoses. Within a couple of months at Shepherd’s Hill Academy all of his diagnosis disappeared. What happened to my son at Shepherd’s Hill Academy is a true miracle.”
MM – California

“I can’t say it enough… Shepherd’s Hill Academy has done an amazing job with my son. No one can deny the change in him. I am happy that my son has the role models he has at Shepherd’s Hill Academy.”
MM – California

“My daughter has been doing well since she’s been home. She’s been in the Word daily, which keeps her grounded and growing closer to the Lord. Her new school is also going well: she is excelling in her classes and meeting many kids.”
RB – Virginia

“My son is excelling in his first year at college. He has received all “A’s”
BC – Georgia

“I was immediately overwhelmed by the miracles that God is doing … in the life of my daughter, the lives who are being reached by the Church, and the teenagers being touched by everything you are doing at Shepherd’s Hill Academy.”
KK – Pennsylvania

“Shepherd’s Hill Academy is truly transforming lives through 24/7 “walking” of the living Word of God.”
KK – Pennsylvania

“This experience was something that no amount of words could possibly express. It will forever be a treasure in my heart … unforgettable in my mind … and an opportunity I would not have missed for anything in the world.”
KK – Pennsylvania

“Our first impression has been very encouraging. We have enjoyed our visit and believe our daughter is benefiting from the loving environment provided by Shepherd’s Hill Academy and Executive Director, Trace Embry.”
KS – Texas

“This was a wonderful weekend and only confirmed the healing process in which Shepherd’s Hill is doing for our family and in our daughter’s life!  You are a true testament of God’s enormous grace! God places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight!! Thank you Trace Embry & to your entire staff for what you have done, are doing, and continue to do!”
RR – South Carolina

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