Grandparents Find Comfort in Shepherds Hill Academy

I would like to thank you for all that you have done for my grandson. It was truly  heartwarming to see his smile again. My time spent talking with your staff… makes me know that he is in the right place.   Thank you very much for allowing me to participate in the activities and going out of your way to make me feel comfortable.
-Grandparent from Florida

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Parents Finds a Safe Place for Their Teen at Shepherds Hill Academy

Parents are finding a safe place for their teen at Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA). Discover this parent’s experience with Shepherds Hill Academy in this note to Beth and Trace Embry.

“We just wanted to thank you and your hubby for following God and starting Shepherds Hill Academy, and for continuing to provide a safe place of discipline and healing in a God centered atmosphere. We can’t imagine what we would have done if SHA wasn’t available. We looked extensively and talked with many people and facilities. There was no other choice, no better place for our daughter and we knew it.”
-Mother from NC

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The Shepherds Hill Academy Team Provides Unconditional Love to Teens

From a Former Student on “What I’ve Learned.”

I’ve learned that there is an unconditional love that the staff have for us. I’ve learned to appreciate the time we have now and stay in the moment and not waste your time away. I want to thank the staff for being the help I needed to shape who I am today.

From a D/C student to an A/B student. From a person who doesn’t care, to a person who cares maybe a little too much. During my Shepherds Hill Academy life, I’ve become more confident in who I am and not dwell on who I was.

-GG from North Carolina

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Trace Embry Provides Beneficial Conferences to Parents

Trace Embry, the Founder and Director of Shepherds Hill Academy, hosts a weekend conference for parents twice a year. These conferences expose the cultural vices that many parents overlook. See what this parent says about the Shepherds Hill Academy weekend conferences.

“We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, it was very productive. We attended Trace’s workshop. This will be the third workshop of his that I have attended. I never tire of hearing this information. Every time I take something new from the session!”

-Shepherds Hill Academy Parent

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Seventeen Months, Saved and Satisfied Parent

Dear Beth & Trace Embry,

I want to give you a heartfelt thanks for all you have done for our son.  Seventeen months ago he arrived at Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) as a lost, immature, disrespectful and angry child.  Friday night he left SHA as a SAVED, respectful and happy young man.  Is he perfect???  No.  Far from it.

But we now have the hope and determination needed to keep him on the upward trajectory that you have him going on.  With God’s help and guidance I know he will “make it” in life.  Seventeen months ago, maintaining hope for him was very difficult to do.

You provided hope to a lost child and showed him the way.  The right way.  The godly way. I could go on and on and on about the impact you have made on our son and also on our family.  In the essence of time, I will simply attach his before and after pictures……..they say it all.

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for the work you are doing for Christ, for children and for families.

Best regards,

Renewed Hope in North Carolina

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Parent Fears Losing Child Because She Was Sucked Into Media and Music


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Involved Parents

Beth Embry and Team – I just wanted to personally thank you for the hard work you and your team put into Parent’s Weekend and everything provided at Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA).

The personal touch that SHA extends is so valuable too.  From the cakes to your name cards at the tables – it’s the old fashioned home-made touch that makes a big difference.

I sincerely hope that as SHA grows, you retain that non-corporate, down-to-earth style. The staff, methodologies, and little touches really make SHA stand out WAAAAAY above and beyond any of the other schools I researched.  Don’t forget, you have an enthusiastic group of past, present, and future parents out there who will be more than willing to organize a Parent Volunteer group to help SHA retain it’s individuality as you expand in the future.  We would all like to help because what you and Trace have started, is really superb and original.

Also – side note – I hope you and Trace and the team are considering a nice pine tree line along the highway there for coverage year around.  I’m sure that steep grade will qualify for land erosion risk and you can get free trees from the state and additional tax write-offs potentially.  I’m sure you guys have a plan.  But again, this is something Parents could get a committee working on also if not.

We’re here to help and we love you all very much!  LOL and I still chuckle when I think back on you speeding around in the golf cart with Gramps and the dog in the back!  Thank you so much!  You’re amazing🙂

-JB from South Carolina

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