See Video of Shepherds Hill Academy Helping Teens

Shepherds Hill Academy is helping teens.

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How God Transformed a Life Using Shepherds Hill Academy

God, through Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA), really has transformed my life and I’m deeply grateful. Before coming here, I actually thought I didn’t have any problems –  boy was I wrong. I thought that I was well on my way to being a success in college and have a great career regardless of how things were going at the time.

Once I came to SHA, my eyes were opened from fantasyland to reality. I saw that with the direction I was headed, not achieving my goals and dreams was a very likely outcome, especially without looking for God’s guidance.

-CM from Florida

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Student’s Experience with Shepherds Hill Academy

Listen, as this student shares his experience with Shepherds Hill Academy.

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Shepherds Hill Academy is Home to Teens

Shepherds Hill Academy has become a home to some teens in crisis. While some students initially hate the idea of a year long therapeutic boarding school, many come to call it home. Such is the case with this student.

“Upon arriving at SHA I was told this could be the best year of my life or the worst year of my life. As much as I want to say it was the worst year of my life, I know I can’t because this is the place I called home.  This is the place I was loved, and this is the place where I was protected.”

-JP Georgia

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Shepherds Hill Academy Student Testimony

Shepherds Hill Academy has been helping teens in crisis since 2001. This video is one of the many successful testimonies.

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Parents Find Healing at Shepherds Hill Academy

Each year, Shepherds Hill Academy provides parents with two weekend parenting conferences. These weekends helps parents, teens and family members find healing. The following parent had this to say:

“All parts of the weekend worked together to facilitate conversation, problem solving, and healing… The Saturday night parent circle was a turning point for my husband and I.”

-SHA Parent

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Students Find Success at Shepherds Hill Academy

Shepherds Hill Academy teens bring praise to team members during this year’s summer graduation.

Listen to this student’s testimony of time spent at Shepherds Hill Academy.

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