Shepherds Hill Academy Team Consists of Servant Leaders

The Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) team consists of servant leaders that have a passion for serving families. See what this parent had to say about their enrollment experience:

We are the one’s blessed to find SHA and for their wise decision to hire you as our intake coordinator. You have been a lifeline of hope for me during the darkest of days. I woke up this morning knowing our daughter was safe in the arms of a loving program and in the hands of our Lord. I look forward to getting to know everyone better at SHA over the next year.

-Parent from Georgia

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A Letter of Appreciation from a Parent at Shepherds Hill Academy

Parents from time to time send letters of appreciation for the life changing results God has had in their lives. Our team is always encouraged by them. See what this family had to say.

“We just wanted to thank you and Trace for following God and starting Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA), and for continuing to provide a safe place of discipline and healing in a God centered atmosphere. We can’t imagine what we would’ve done if SHA wasn’t available. We looked extensively and talked with many people and facilities. There was no other choice, no better place for our daughter and we knew it.

From the very moment we arrived, you and your staff took the time to hear us and listen. You didn’t act like you had heard it all before or knew the situation better than we, or treat us like we were the reason our daughter was there. We had already walked quite a road by the time we made it to you and we were worn and tired. It was hard to drop off our daughter and leave her at another strange place especially after all she had been through, and all of the shifting from here to there before her adoption just 5 years previous.

The excellent communication from the program manager made the transition much easier. We could tell from our conversations that she was able to truly discern and was getting to know our daughter and the things with which she struggled.  She wasn’t a number or a job, but a person that was truly cared about; and she was being challenged and disciplined in ways that were for her good, and out of love.

The office staff must be commended as well. When calling in, the phone was answered right away. If the person didn’t know the answer to a question, they found someone who did.  I could go on and on. It has been very clear that you guys do things right. From the staff that you hire to the policy you implement in your care of our children. Thank you all so much. We don’t know what is to come with our daughter, what choices she will or won’t make, but we know she has had her best opportunity because of her time at SHA.

God bless you all as you continue the journey.”

-Parents from GA

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Teens Find Hope and Healing at Shepherds Hill Academy

Shepherds Hill Academy put me in a leadership position to where I have the strength and courage to walk away from the bad situations I was in.”


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Shepherds Hill Academy Provides a Clean Slate for Troubled Teens

Graduation is a time that provides our students with an opportunity to see all that they have accomplished. Read what this student has to say:

“Throughout my year at Shepherds Hill Academy I found the difference between who I am now and who I was. I found that I am a daughter of God and I am loved by Him. I was lost in who I was so I turned to parties, drugs, and friends to ease that, but here I didn’t need those things to be loved.

It was amazing for one of the first things I hear when arriving at SHA was; “You will never be lied to and that I love your guts.” Thank you Mr. Trace Embry for proving me wrong, that you can love someone even when you dont know them. Thank you both Mr. Trace and Mrs. Beth for providing a clean slate and a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a better person.”

-Recent Graduating Student

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Practical Character Development from SHA Graduates

After graduation from Shepherds Hill Academy, parents find hope in seeing their child transformed. Similar to what this parent had to say at graduation:

Seventeen months ago he arrived at Shepherds Hill Academy as a lost, immature, disrespectful and angry child.  Friday night he left SHA as a SAVED, respectful and happy young man.  Is he perfect???  No.  Far from it.  But we now have the hope and determination needed to keep him on the upward trajectory that you have him going on.

-Parent from TN

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SHA Speaks Truth into the Lives of Teens

You can take the girl out of the woods, but you can’t take the woods out of the girl!! Thank you Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) for speaking truth into my life! You impacted me and my family so much and we cannot thank you enough! Love and miss you all!!!❤️

-EV from North Carolina

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Grandparents Find Comfort in Shepherds Hill Academy

I would like to thank you for all that you have done for my grandson. It was truly heartwarming to see his smile again. My time spent talking with your staff… makes me know that he is in the right place.   Thank you very much for allowing me to participate in the activities and going out of your way to make me feel comfortable.
-Grandparent from Florida

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