411 Days and Countless Second Chances at SHA

Words of Blessings and Wisdom from Recent Shepherds Hill Grad

I believe it is important to give people second chances.  Not just one. If they fail you, decide to not give up on them.  Realize no one is perfect and give them more than one chance to make up for their mistakes.

In giving and receiving second chances, you can have hope.  At least I did.  That’s what God did for us right?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’m worthy enough to be forgiven for any, much less all of my sins.

Through my time at Shepherds Hill, I’ve come to the realization of the pain Jesus went through for us.  I’ve been able to build a relationship with Him and really feel forgiven. Every staff here has poured into me the love of Christ and helped me become the Christian I am today.  The staff told me on my first day that they don’t give up on any of the students here, so it’s pointless for me to try to make them.

Now after 411 days, I can honestly say I’ve never felt given up on and I don’t think any of the other students here have ever felt that way either.  They have given me multiple chances so that I am able to leave here today a different and better person than I was before.  Not only have I realized the second chances I’ve gotten from God and staff, but also from my family.

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Does Your Teen Need Help?

Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA), a Christ-Centered, wilderness-style, therapeutic boarding school. The environment at Shepherds Hill Academy is intentionally designed to provide a rich, discipleship-focused atmosphere that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual health and healing to troubled teenager and their families.

We Invite You to Learn More!

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Student Never Knew What an Opportunity Shepherds Hill Academy Would Be

When I arrived at Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA), I first looked at it as a punishment from my parents.  Now, I cherish it as an opportunity.  I now have a relationship with Jesus Christ and feel completely forgiven for my past.  In my whole time at SHA, I never felt “given up on.”

–Grateful Grad

boy in graduation cap and gown

Shepherds Hill Academy Graduation

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Parent Shares Success Story at Shepherds Hill Academy Family Conference

The Shepherds Hill Academy Family Conference provides parents with the tools they need to strengthen their family and prepare for their child’s return home.

“The campfire, ERT demonstration and blindfold “trust” exercise were great bonding experiences. My daughter and her Mother have always been very close; but for me, personally, I could not have asked for any better activities. The relationship between my wife and myself has grown so much over the past few months, and because your staff chose to include these activities, I feel like my daughter and I were also able to take another step closer. Thank You. ”


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A Parent’s Testimony to Their Child’s Transition to College from Shepherds Hill Academy

Eighty percent of students who graduate high school from Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) continue their education by attending some type of college. Listen to this parent’s excitement after their child’s transition from SHA to college.

“We just returned from a two-day orientation for our daughter at Berry College – it was awesome!! She’s so excited and we’re excited for her. What a transformation God has accomplished in her heart and life because of the faithful work you, Trace Embry, and the rest of your staff are doing through Shepherds Hill Academy. We are humbly grateful…”

-Parent from Atlanta

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Shepherds Hill Academy Residential Team Excels in Bringing Hope and Healing to Families

The Residential Teams of SHA are the front line ministry of Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA). Parents find the Residential Team to be a viable and reliable part of their child’s healing. See what this parent has to say:

“I don’t believe this letter would be complete without also complimenting the Residential Team. Ginelle and the entire group spend so much time with the girls, and their faith, discipline and compassion are shining through our daughter like a light. The girls are truly blessed to have such wonderful mentors during this part of their journey.”

-Pleased Parent

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Words of Wisdom to Parents with a Child at a Therapeutic Boarding School

At a recent Parent Conference, we discovered that parents realize the need to work on their own parenting skills and personal issues while their son or daughter is away from home. The following are some comments parents had to offer other parents at Shepherds Hill Academy therapeutic boarding school.

  • Work on your personal issues and your relationship with the Lord.
  • Work on your relationship with your spouse.
  • Work on your method of parenting and interacting with your other children.
  • Let your child who is at the therapeutic boarding school know things will not be the same when they return home.
  • Enjoy the year they are away, and embrace your new lifestyle.

parents working on family project with their children

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