Student Testimony from Shepherds Hill Academy

Listen to this review from a student at Shepherds Hill Academy

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Lost Teens are Found

“Before coming to Shepherds Hill Academy, I was lost… In the movie “Unbroken” Louis Zamperini’s brother tells him “one moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory.” During my stay at SHA I experienced the hurt and the pain that comes with breaking and rebuilding my life and I’m now awaiting the glory of my King.”

-CG from Georgia

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Shepherds Hill Academy Parent Conference Success

During our parent conference we provide a special workshop to families that are preparing to return home. We have found this to be a success to parents.

“Once again, the parent conference was outstanding. We appreciated how you provided a different type of workshop for those of us whose children have been in the program longer.”

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Shepherds Hill Academy Can Help with High Functioning Autism

One father explains how Shepherds Hill Academy helped his child work through high functioning Autism.

“Shepherds Hill is the only place that my child has been successful in dealing with his Autism.”
-CM from California

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Shepherds Hill Academy Student Review

Listen to this Shepherds Hill Academy student testimony.

Shepherds Hill Academy serves families in crisis.

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Shepherds Hill Academy Workshops Are a Success

Many parents consider the Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) workshops a success.

The SHA workshops provide cultural insights for parents. Our goal is to teach parents to prepare their family household for their child’s return home from Shepherds Hill.
This parent explains:

We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, it was very productive. The workshop we attended was exceptionally well done. The content was a great reminder of how to best function as a family; it helped us identify areas where we are weak and need to make improvements going forward.

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Shepherds Hill Parent Conferences Help Families

Shepherds Hill Parent Conferences are a time of hope and healing.

Twice a year, parents from all across America join together at Shepherds Hill Academy.

This parent from Florida claims:

“We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, it was very productive… I had a great weekend with my family and got to spend time with my son!”

-a mother from Florida

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