Teens from Mississippi Find Hope at Shepherds Hill Academy

Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) serves students from all over the country, including states like Mississippi. Listen as this student shares how SHA brought hope to him and his family.

Find out more about Shepherds Hill Academy’s success at http://www.shepherdshillacademy.org/reviews

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Shepherds Hill Academy Gives Their Time and Love

The team at Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) provides it’s students with genuine care.  On a daily basis, they provide intentional time and love.

Notice how this parent provides insight into the SHA team’s strengths.

NEVER have I seen such love displayed.  It is a tremendous example of the heart… Motivation that you and each one of your team members have invested into these young men and women….and their parents as well.  I am trying my best to convey my heartfelt thanks for the greatest gift anyone can give…their time and their love.
-KC from Georgia

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Teens Find Healing at Shepherds Hill Academy

Teens find healing at Shepherds Hill Academy in Georgia.

Want more information on enrollment? Talk to our Admissions Team at www.shepherdshillacademy.org/inquire

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Parents Find Positive Change in Their Teen at Shepherds Hill Academy

Parents from all over the country find positive change in their teen once enrolled at Shepherds Hill Academy.

One example of this is displayed in this father’s letter of appreciation to the SHA team.

“Eight weeks ago today, I dropped my son off at Shepherds Hill Academy.  It was a very emotional day for a lot of reasons.  To me, the biggest reason to be emotional was because hope for him was dimming.  The constant worry, frustration, concern, anger, etc., etc. would often consume me.  Prayer helped, but the concern remained.”

“I can’t describe the feeling I had yesterday when my smiling, polite son walked off the SHA bus.  He was still smiling at the end of the day when I hugged him good bye…  I encouraged him to work even harder than he has to this point.  His response was ‘“I will dad.  I really like it here.”’

I fully realize he is a work in progress and has a very long way to go.  You and your team deserve a lot of praise for the work you do and are doing in the lives of these kids.

Thank you for your ministry and your hard work!  You truly are making a difference in my son and me!!!

-CA from Tennessee

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Parents get Little Girl Back

We have our little girl back. She is like how she was three years ago before she became troubled. She is self disciplined, particularly with the music she listens to. Our daughter was at a point where she had attempted suicide. Today, she’s smiling.

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Student Shares Her Experience at Shepherds Hill Academy

Listen as this student shares her experience at Shepherds Hill Academy.

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A Shepherds Hill Academy Student’s Graduation Speech

Listen to this Shepherds Hill Academy student’s graduation speech.

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