The Results of Being at SHA for Two Months

Many parents begin to see changes within the first two months of their child’s stay at Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA).

Listen to this parent’s experience two months into their family’s journey through SHA.

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Practical Example of How SHA Provides Second Chances for Student Academics

Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) specifically helps teens by meeting their academic needs. This is done time and time again. See what this student has said about his academic opportunities at SHA.

“Before I came to Shepherds Hill Academy, I was planning on dropping out or getting my GED and that wasn’t a big deal to me. In the back of my mind I knew that wasn’t really how it worked, but I just wanted to do my thing. After about six or seven months, I just had a reality check. I started going the way of the program, and sure enough it worked… and I’m living a lot better now then I was four or six months ago.”

-PH from Florida

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The Best Advice When Choosing a Therapeutic Boarding School

Parents will face many unique challenges when deciding on a therapeutic boarding school.

Listen to these parents share the best advice they received when they had to choose a therapeutic boarding school such as Shepherds Hill Academy.

-Parents from AL

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SHA Student’s Letter of Encouragement

Students often write the Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) team after graduation. See the encouraging words this young graduate had to say about Shepherds Hill Academy.

I think therapeutic living for teens is very helpful and potentially life saving. I mean, it saved my life. I attended Shepherds Hill Academy for eight months. When I came to Shepherds Hill… I was a lonely teen that used drugs and alcohol daily. I learned many things at SHA like how to cope with my feelings and emotions and not to turn to substances like alcohol and drugs. I also learned many other things like to always show respect to elders, and always have patience for others and not take anything for granted.

I’m so thankful for the life I’m living now; as I have lost two of my old friend’s in the past two years and currently have my old best friend sitting behind bars facing thirty years, and another friend that just got out a few months ago. I went from having a 1.0 GPA to having a 3.5 GPA and living a way better life. Therapeutic living (SHA) has definitely changed me for the best.  

-SHA graduate from FL

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Teen Recommends Shepherds Hill Academy after Stay

More times than not, teens recommend Shepherds Hill Academy upon graduation.

See what this student says about why parents should send their teens to Shepherds Hill Academy therapeutic boarding school.

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The Parent Conference at SHA Brings Hope and Change

Each year, Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) has two Parent Conference events. This is a time for SHA parents to get together, attend parenting classes lead by Trace Embry and Allison Wallace. This conference is an intensive time of training for families and their teens. See what this parent had to say about the SHA Parent Conference.  

“The breakout session was great in helping us prepare for our child to come home in two months. Everything about the weekend was wonderful. The staff did an excellent job preparing for the event and assisting the parents. Thank you for all the time and energy you put into this event and everything else you do to help our child and to bring us back together as a family.”

-SHA Parent

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Shepherds Hill Academy Provides Families with a Standard of Excellence

Shepherds Hill Academy hosts a parent conference twice a year for their students and their families. This provides parents with eye-opening experiences. Parents have found these conferences crucial in how they continue to raise their children. Listen to this parent’s feedback on Shepherds Hill Academy’s parent conferences.

We were provided great insights on many topics and forums to connect with others, and there was outstanding food.

We support you in your efforts to reach as many teens that are going through what our child is going through. Thanks again for your outstanding “spirit of excellence.”

We appreciate all your hard work!

-RB from Georgia

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