Shepherd’s Hill Academy is a Place of Second Chances

Trace, Beth and all of your staff. I would like to thank you for all that you have done for my grandson, Jonah. It was truly  heartwarming to see his smile again. My time spent talking with your staff and talking to Jonah makes me know that he is in the right place.   Thank you very much for allowing me to participate in the activities and going out of your way to make me feel comfortable.. again Thank you all very much.. Ed ‘gramps’ Kench


jonah’s grandparents location unknown.


-JB from South Carolina

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Shepherds Hill Academy Demonstrates True Leadership

Helping families in the healing and restoration process. God’s love is demonstrated in both their leadership and support teams at Shepherds Hill Academy.
-Grateful Parent  

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Grandparent Finds Solutions for Her Family through Shepherds Hill Academy

We had literally nowhere to turn.  We prayed and I researched so many organizations for help for my grandson.  I called and talked with Trace Embry and then he called back and talked with my son.  Ours was a very unique situation, but Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) turned out to be exactly the therapy we needed.

 The discipline, the responsibility, the spiritual guidance, and the schooling were exactly on target.  SHA ministered the entire family.  Their program is unique – just like our situation was, but I can truthfully say their intervention in the life of my grandson helped him become a young man to be proud of.  Would we do it again – without question.  

-ST – Grateful Grandparent

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Shepherds Hill Academy Team Excels in Bringing Hope and Healing

My daughter was rescued here.  In so few words to describe how Shepherds Hill Academy was an answer to prayers would be a disservice.  Multiple talented, caring individuals from the founders, counselors, teachers, and support staff have set my daughter up for success in life.  She came a confused, broken girl and is leaving a mature, Christian young lady well equipped for the challenges of life including an academically elite college.
-PF Alabama

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A Parent’s Testimony of Her Family’s Success with Shepherds Hill Academy

A couple of years ago, my son was admitted to the hospital because he was suicidal. He was there for 2 weeks and we frantically searched for a place to send him when he was released. We knew we wouldn’t be able to be with him 24/7 and we knew he desperately needed help.

Thankfully, God led us to Shepherds Hill Academy  (SHA) and he spent 14 months there. I can honestly say I know that my son would not be where he is today if he hadn’t gone to SHA. The love that was poured out on him and into him and the truth that was taught to him there is what God used to change him. He is now looking forward to his future. I will always be indebted to the staff at SHA for all of their hard work and persistence. I know that they never give up on any child.

Relieved Parent

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Shepherds Hill Academy Provides a Loving Environment

Whenever I think of the love and unity that is described in the book of Acts, I will now have a contemporary picture to look back on to see the love of God in motion.  Thank you Shepherds Hill Academy for believing in us and in our son so much!  This has been a steep learning curve for us as his parents.
-CC from Georgia

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Shepherds Hill Academy is Transforming Lives

See what parents are saying about Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA).

“He is doing well now and is adjusting to being back home. He is even conditioning with the football team at his high school this summer! I never would have thought that he’d even consider playing football, but being at SHA changed him. He is living proof that what you all do there works and that lives are changed. I want you all to know how grateful I am to you. I know how much you make God smile…

You have given us hope for our son’s future. Thank you, again, for all of your hard work and love that you pour out on the SHA students each and every day. You are making a difference and helping families more than you can possibly know.”
-A mother from South Carolina

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