Shepherds Hill Academy Workshops Are a Success

Many parents consider the Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA) workshops a success.

The SHA workshops provide cultural insights for parents. Our goal is to teach parents to prepare their family household for their child’s return home from Shepherds Hill.
This parent explains:

We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, it was very productive. The workshop we attended was exceptionally well done. The content was a great reminder of how to best function as a family; it helped us identify areas where we are weak and need to make improvements going forward.

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Shepherds Hill Parent Conferences Help Families

Shepherds Hill Parent Conferences are a time of hope and healing.

Twice a year, parents from all across America join together at Shepherds Hill Academy.

This parent from Florida claims:

“We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, it was very productive… I had a great weekend with my family and got to spend time with my son!”

-a mother from Florida

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Shepherds Hill Academy Student Testimony

Listen to this Shepherds Hill Academy student testimony.

Shepherds Hill Academy serves families in crisis.

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A Student’s Appreciation of Shepherds Hill Academy

This student from South Carolina shared his appreciation of Shepherds Hill Academy and its team.

“I’d first like to thank SHA. I don’t know where I’d be if you hadn’t talked some sense into me. I’d like to thank the Embry’s, the Shepherds Hill Staff, and my parents for loving me and being there. Love you guys.

-WM from South Carolina

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Learned to Do Good Instead of Trouble

Before bringing our son to Shepherds Hill Academy (SHA), he was in a hospital, and his behavior was so bad he’d punched his dad in the face.  We actually had to higher a transport company to get him to SHA.

Upon arriving at SHA, our son told the SHA staff that his life goal was to smoke weed and be a stay-at-home grandson and play video games.Shepherds Hill Academy Now, he is a changed kid.  He was promoted to the SHA Next Step program and then graduated high school at SHA.  Thanks to all of you, he is now planning to go to college.

We know he can do anything he wants to do.  While at SHA, he learned how to use his gifts to do good instead of getting into trouble.

Amazed, Glad Dad in Georgia

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Six Months to Maturity

Dear Shepherds Hill Academy Family,

We utilized the SHA Family Coaching prior to sending our son for the residential care. At the end of 2014 our son had alcohol poisoning and was in the hospital. He admitted he needed help and asked to be away from the home environment. Six months later, our son is mature enough now to realize he is not ready to come home yet.  At 17 years old, he’s decided to stay at SHA to follow God’s plan for his life.

Thankful Parents from Texas

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Shepherds Hill Academy Ranks Above Average on SAT & AP Testing


TO: For the Record
FR: Steve Schyck
RE: Academic Achievements

Below you will find Shepherd’s Hill Academy academic results on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and Advanced Placement (AP) Testing. Please contact me should you have any questions.


These results have been compiled starting with seniors who earned their high school diploma from Shepherd’s Hill Academy from 2010 forward. The numbers represent the average of all test takers for each tested area.

511 SHA 496 National Average

516 SHA 514 National Average

522 SHA 488 National Average


Shepherd’s Hill Students have taken Advanced Placement exams. Scoring for AP exams range from a low score of 1 to the highest score of 5. Students who score a 3 or better generally receive college credit for that course. All of our students earned a 3 or better on tests taken. Our results are as follows:
AP English 5
AP English 3
AP English 3
AP Calculus 3
AP Statistics 3
AP Physics 3
AP Biology 3
AP Psychology 5

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