In It For The Kids

The staff at Shepherd’s Hill Academy  (SHA) have such a caring heart and a love for their students.  SHA is such a blessing to our family, and we know it’s the Holy Spirt at work through the staff.  There is not a weak link in this entire organization.  They are in it for the kids.

Our son has said to us “I feel loved and cared about.”  Our son has never said anything bad about any of his counselors or anyone at SHA.”  Mrs. Alli has really helped our son make a break-through in his academics.  He is learning to apply himself academically.

Parents at Ease in Texas

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Not One Moment of Regret

Beth & Trace Embry,

Our son mentioned in the last letter how you both seemed to him so genuinely concerned for him and how you had revealed some of your own emotional weakness.  You have been able to communicate to him through your words and deeds and understanding that you will be there for him, show him the truth and point him in the right direction.

It goes without saying how much we appreciate you, the staff and ministry of Shepherd Hill Academy for loving our son through his deep hurts and confusion.  The day we brought him to you was the most difficult day of our lives, and I can say with a clear conscience that I have had not one moment of regret.  I know he is safe, he is loved, he is learning honesty and respect and most of all he is beginning to learn the depth, breath and scope of God’s love for him.  You have effectively communicated to him that he can trust his heart, his past, and future to his Heavenly Father, and for that we are forever indebted to you.  Praying that God brings you many blessings for your kindness.

Sincerely Yours,

Virginia Parents of Valor

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PRAISE to Beth & Trace Embry & All Shepherd’s Hill Academy Staff

PRAISE to Beth & Trace Embry & All of the Shepherd’s Hill Academy Staff
Our son left Shepherd’s Hill Academy forever changed – you two know the void and profound sadness he arrived with. My wife and I have watched Christ use your staff to develop in him respect, ambition, and community. Most importantly we’ve witnessed him experience joy and purpose that God has deliberate intention and a future for him. Throughout his change, Christ has created intimacy within our family and has shown devotion to see us through what once seemed hopeless.

I wouldn’t wish for anyone to have to surrender their son or daughter away, especially with how much we love this kid, but seeing our son with renewed zeal and passion and faith in where he’s going, is worth it all. We realize that God is still developing these transformations in our son, and that we need to rest on Him one day at a time, but we also have 100% confidence in His promise in total restoration. Its little surprise to me that SHA turns the lives of troubled teens from despair beyond most facilities – with God centered love and accountability. Thank you! We CANNOT express what you people mean to us. We have our son again!

Alumni Parent from Virginia

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From Lost Troubled Teen to Found and College Bound

Hi Mr. Schyck! (Principal of Shepherd’s Hill Academy)

I am doing great!  I don’t know if I told you already, but I got my AP credits!  So far, I think I have 15 credits applied to my transcript, so that made me really excited.  Classes are time consuming.  I wouldn’t necessarily call them hard yet.  There is just a lot of reading right now, which is an adjustment for me since I am a slow reader.  I love all of my classes right now though.  I am taking Biology, Chemistry, Philosophy, Communication, and Galileo and the Church (a Freshman Seminar writing class).  It is a total of 17 credits.  I live in the library during the week.

I am glad to hear everything is going well!  Do you have a lot of people applying to colleges?  Messiah is good :).  They should come here!

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Dedicated Lives for Others

At Shepherd’s Hill Academy, we’ve always said we plant the seed for God to sow in the heart of a troubled teenager.

This parent acknowledges this by saying, “Shepherd’s Hill Academy brings the Lord into the heart of the child so they can feel the love of Christ. We felt genuine affection from our daughter.  Beth and Trace Embry are obedient, and dedicate their lives for our kids.”

Statement at Recent Parent Conference at SHA

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It’s the Little Things

Son Smiles – “It’s nice to see my son smile. It’s nice to see my son smile when he looks at me. We’re thankful for this place.”

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Soon to be a United States Marine

Letter written on United States Marine Corps Letterhead

Warmest Greetings,

I attended Shepherd’s Hill Academy from August 2009 to August 2010. I am currently on Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island, South Carolina.

I came to SHA a very lost, defiant, and confused young man. I had gotten in a lot of trouble, and my life was no doubt headed down the drain. I was destined to spend my life as an oil rigger (in best case scenario) or worse. I was without drive, without motivation, lifeless, and without God.

Shepherd’s Hill and its blessed staff helped lead me to the Lord. My life began to seem to have a purpose – so I listened to His voice and followed. I sit here now amongst chaos – but my soul is calm and my hands steady.

Because of God’s loving mercy and Shepherd’s Hill rehabilitating atmosphere – I am now a month from becoming a United States Marine. My life has meaning, and I am soon to be a Christian Warrior – a defender of the nation in which we are able to live free. Thank you for everything.

With Love,
SHA Alumni, USMC

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